The issues

6 Issues for Solo Male Travellers

Traveling alone comes with a wide range of potential issues for anybody. However, some concerns do affect men traveling alone. I’ve picked out 6 issues that solo male travellers need to be aware of, starting with:

Safety Concerns

Social Isolation



Visa Restrictions

Negative countries

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19 Tips to Make Solo Dining Fun

The one issue that deters many solo travelers from taking the leap into solo travel is eating out alone. With preparation, you can make it feel WAY more comfortable.

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Be prepared & then let go.

Yes, it sounds like a contradiction, but being prepared sets you up for success and letting go gives yourself the permission to breathe out and enjoy your solo travel.

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16 Top Questions about Solo Male Travel

Answers to the main questions I get asked [all the time] about traveling alone as a guy. Solo Male Travel is a growing niche of the travel industry and is here to stay.

10 Crucial Tips for Solo Male Travel

My 10 Crucial Tips don’t just make recommendations about how to stay safe when on the road, but also recommend checking our OWN behaviors . Don’t be a d*ck.

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